Great Primary Sources.....


The Library of Congress Home Page
Click on the American Memory Link for great research opportunities and information. The second link goes to their American Broadside collection which is a good place to start for ideas on the early American Press.

Home Historical Society of Pennsylvania
"We invite you to explore the origins and diversity of Pennsylvania and the United States, from the colonial period and the nation's founding to the experience of contemporary life. Conduct research in the online catalogs, browse our exhibits and publications, and join us in preserving and understanding our heritage as a diverse and dynamic people."

My Sources:

Samuel Adams writes about the Boston Massacre as Vindex The Boston Gazette, 3/10/1770  
Industrial Manchester

Federalist #10 edited

Federalist #10

Common Sense, edited


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Great Primary Sources.....
University of Nebraska: Nebraska Partnership for American History Education
Links to other informational sites, resources and articles.

Education Search Engines
Can't find it?  Search here for reputable information.

Articles about curriculum, research and more for the purpose of helping students achieve.


Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
Resources for middle school Social Studies teachers.

National Archives and Records Administration: Digital Classroom
All kinds of lesson plans and lesson ideas that rely heavily on primary source documents.

Phat Nav
This site is very hard on the eyes, but if you use the site search, it will bring you to a multitude of databases and informational websites.  Very helpful for gaining background information on a particular subject.

The University of Houston: Digital History
It would take me forever to sift through the information on this page.  Incredible primary source document collection

Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index
Ok, this site has to be the most comprehensive archive of political cartoons from around the world.  Search by artist or country or topic.  Even has a teacher’s guide.  A must have for any teacher toolbox.

A Catalog of Political Cartoons by Dr. Seuss
Unbeknownst to many people, Dr. Seuss wrote many political cartoons depicting the Japanese and Nazis during WWII as well as motivational posters that depicted the enemy in dangerous terms.  Many of his Children’s stories are also politically charged and are useful as primary sources to gauge the mood of the time, especially in this case, The Cold War.

The History Channel presents Dear Home: Letters from WWII
Part of the Legacy Project designed "to honor those who served their country by ensuring that their experiences, their sacrifices, and their thoughts are preserved for future generations Nothing has proven more revealing and informative to historians than the actual words of the men and women who participated in great historical events and recorded what they saw."

Government Documents Department, University of North Texas Libraries:  World War II Posters.
A huge selection of propaganda posters from WWII, including American, Japanese, and Nazi posters.

Great War Pictures: Archive of World War One Photos
Battle photos of this time period are pretty rare, especially when they are all in one place like this collection.  I put them here because of the time period

University of North Texas Libraries
Haven't really explored this one too much yet, but it looks very promising as a database.

Library Spot
A good place to start for just about anything you have in mind.

Nazi and East German Propaganda Guide Page: German Propaganda Archive
Exactly what the name says and there is tons of it.

University of Pennsylvania: Folklore and Folklife
Department Home page for UPenn that is a great starting place for ethnic studies.

University of North Texas Libraries: History resources on the net
Links to information on just about any historical subject area you need - incredible resource

Online Resources – Colonial America and the American Revolution
A massive amount of Early American sources compiled by the Nebraska Partnership for American History Education.

Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Exactly what it says:  Primary sources, background info and timelines.  Compiled by Fordham University


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