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The Cold War, The Declaration of Independence, The Industrial Revolution and The Age of Exploration.

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Now, for my take on Teaching with Technology:
I have become involved in Classrooms for the Future - an initiative by the state of Pennsylvania to help districts get technology in their classrooms and help the teachers learn to use them. What I have been seeing and learning has changed the way I view education - history education in particular. I used to be one who embraced technology but still held fast to the academic belief that my students still needed to sit there and read quietly - maybe even just for the pure sake of doing it. Now I realize that in a world where they are texting, watching, playing and talking all at the same time, (a generation of multitaskers unlike any other) how could one force them to do something so counter to who they are? Its like having a microwave taken away for us or the telephone or television - it is so ingrained in daily life - good or bad. I am in no way advocating that we take the reading out of history, but I am saying that dry textbooks that have meaningless pictures and dates are just not what they need or want. We are asking them to learn in a way they don't know how or won't use and the responsibility lies with us to teach them in ways they can learn. I've witnessed first hand students who are on task, interested and motivated to learn through the use of technology in the classrooms. They want to do it when it is given to them in a media they are familiar with. One student said to his teacher:

"I know its the same stuff, I'm just more interested in it this way."

To illustrate my point, check out this video on you tube. Its long but you won't be sorry:
The video is called "Did you know 2.0"

So far, one great link I have is for The Center for Teaching History with Technology. There are others listed under Links to additional tools

New Resources...
Updated May 31, 2008
- The others have been moved under Links to additional tools
Keep checking back for updated links as I find them.  Please also feel free to email me your comments and suggestions, as well as how any of these resources went over with your students.

Virginia Schools in the Great Depression
"How did the national economic crisis that began in October 1929 affect Virginians? Using primary sources from a variety of ...[primary] materials, the project provides teachers and students with an innovative approach to understanding the events, processes and conditions that defined this crucial era of American History." Great for a case study on the Great Depression

PBS Antiques Roadshow Teachers Guide
I am not kidding - exploring artifacts to teach history. You know you love this show!

Pennsylvania Heritage Society
Teaching PA History? This is the spot for books, resources, professional developent and more.




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