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Here are some links that will help you in your writing process - heed their advice and mine! I have already been through the fire - TRUST ME!!  For some tips on how to avoid plagiarism, click here


  #1:  Stay organized!!
            -Staying organized is the biggest key to successful writing and avoiding plagiarism.  keep index cards of your sources, MARKING DOWN PAGE NUMBERS!!  Nothing is worse than not being able to use the perfect quote because you can't remember what page it is on!!

    #2:  Read first, process second, write last
            -Gather your information and read it, look it over, mark it down.  Sleep on it and try to see the big picture.  Every source is like a piece of a puzzle - together they tell a better story than on their own.

    #3:  Outline!
            -Although it may seem like a waste of time, nothing comes easier than writing a paragraph in which the main ideas have already been outlined.  Do the groundwork well and the writing will come naturally because the information is already in your head........AND organized!

    #4:  Be specific
            -Just exactly who are "the people"?  Who is "he"?  or "they"?  Pretend I have never met you and know nothing about your topic.

    #5:  Follow the pattern
            -Every essay has an introduction, a body and a conclusion.  Tell me what you are going to say, say it, then tell me what you just said.  It may seem redundant, but but it helps you keep yourself in line and not blabbing about random topics - and I don't like to read random babbling!!

Worksheet for evaluating primary sources
Helps you figure out what you should be looking for


More internet links for internet research, writing, citing sources, etc

Research and Writing Help

Evaluating Websites

Writing tools

Evaluating primary sources

Maps, timelines


American cultures II     
Honors American Cultures II








Here are some links for additional information on writing and citing sources as well as using internet research...   


University of Houston: Digital History
Takes you through the research and writing process step-by-step, starting from
picking a topic to how to research it to how to cite sources.
takes you through some essay writing procedures
"A guide for the grammatically perplexed"

Mr. Yasinskas' Social Studies page
explains primary and secondary sources and ways to research on the web
as well as protocol for writing, footnotes and bibliographies

Mr. Yasinskas' Social Studies page
helps you evaluate internet sources

Temple University
tells you how to avoid and detect plagiarism (I use it too!)

University of California at Davis
more plagiarism information

Research on the Web
Basic information on evaluating websites and LOTS of research links

Evaluating Websites
Helps students evaluate the integrity and authenticity of websites and the information on them


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