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This site was originally for my own students, so it contains lecture information and policies for some topics we had gone over in class.  Although the lecture material may not be the topic you need, feel free to browse through the notes.  I also still have this page set up as an example for future employers and will eventually change the format to separate the two.

Internet Links:
General Research sites
Sites by topic/region

Research and Writing Help and Guidelines

Evaluating Websites

Writing tools like footnoting protocol, etc

Evaluating primary sources
Helps you figure out what your looking for and how to find it

Maps, timelines and other useful stuff

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Class outlines and assignments:
American cultures II     
Honors American Cultures II

Homework Policy, 7th grade World History

Homework Policy, 11th and 12th grade Sociology and American Cultures II

I have an AIM screen name
"histrygeek33" for the purpose of keeping in touch with my students after school hours incase they have any questions on assignments or class notes.  During times in which there are important projects or essays due, I will increase times and post them here.  Please keep this contact professional and work related.