Homework Policy for Eleventh and Twelfth Grade...
Homework is important to your success as a student.  I assign homework only when I believe it will help you learn the material I give you in class and gather up some points to help your grade.  It also gives you an opportunity think of questions to ask in class. 


As you all are old enough to understand the concept of responsibility and deadlines, I simply do not accept late work.  It is YOUR responsibility to come and see me if you are having trouble with an assignment or if you are going to be or were absent on any given day.  You are allowed to turn in previously assigned work on the day you return to school and must come see me to find out what you missed.  Major projects, such as those that have over a month to complete, will have their own absentee procedures.  I give assignments to help you absorb the material during class, not just to keep you busy.  Therefore, you will do the assignment because you want to do well in my class, not because I am going to force you to.

I will consider any student's individual circumstances in granting any extension to the due date.  I realize things do come up and what may be good for one student may not be good for another.  I will decide each case individually and your reputation will play a key role in my decision.

Please, Please, Please.......

If there is ANYTHING you are not sure of, come see me BEFORE the assignment is due.  It is very difficult to sympathize with you if you come to me in a panic one minute before class starts!


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