Plagiarism is a serious offense…to you, to me and the person you stole from. In essence, you are stealing someone else's product...something they worked hard on, and it will be treated as stealing in this class. Online plagiarism is becoming increasingly problematic due to the good 'ole cut/paste tool.

On Plagiarism

If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero for the assignment, no questions asked. No arguing. No whining. No crying. No pouting. My advice to you is to always err on the side of caution. When in doubt, cite the source or COME SEE ME IN ADVANCE. I can't help you the day the assignment is due.

Do Not Plagiarize

Intentional vs. unintentional plagiarism:

We all know that intentional plagiarism is the kind of plagiarism described up above: When you know you are doing it.

Unintentional plagiarism happens much more frequently than intentional plagiarism. There is, however, a way to avoid it, so it will not be any more forgivable than intentional. To avoid it, follow this simple piece of advice. Document, Document, Document. Write EVERYTHING down!

Stay organized! Keep index card or a notebook in which each source has its own page or card. Write all information that you will need in the bibliography: title, author, publisher, etc.

On that index card, write the important points you would like to use in your paper and WRITE DOWN THE PAGE NUMBERS! Nothing is worse than not being able to use a quote because you can't remember where you saw it. Yes, that is right — if you can't cite where its from YOU CANNOT USE THE QUOTE WITHOUT PLAGIARIZING.

When doing internet research, make sure you find the author and the date the site was updated. Use only reputable sites as some of the less academic ones just might be examples of plagiarism themselves. It is YOUR responsibility to verify the legitimacy of that website before using its material.

You can't be a full participant in our democracy if you don't know our history. — David McCullough

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