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Student Pages
I used these pages as experimental supplements to those who had access to computers at home.  Their use was not mandatory but they did prove helpful.  The Sociology class used the assignments listed from the computer lab.

Teaching Philosophy
Why and what I want to teach my students and the reasoning behind my passion

My take on technology

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Industrial Revolution board game
A board game that really brought the unit home - and they loved it!!!

Sample Lesson Plans
Just a few of the plans from my units.  Everything listed was actually done during my student teaching:
Ten Hours Bill mock trial    
Leonardo DaVinci     Cold War jigsaw
The Industrial Revolution  
The Boston Massacre 
The Feudal System (my 1st one)

"Key Questions"
For my 7th graders, I used the “key questions” concept.  I asked one of my students after every lesson.  I gave each student a binder ring with index cards on it - the question was to be written on the front, the answer to be written on the back.  They served quite a few purposes...

Thematic Bulletin Boards

Age of Exploration, The Cold War, The Industrial Revolution

American Revolution/
Declaration of Independence

An interactive bulletin board that could be used as a quiz game and where the students voted on whether to accept it or not. Also, a Baseball "lineup" of the major "players" of the American Revolution - they loved this!!

See/play a power point game on the American Revolution I made for my seventh graders that can serve as a preview/review and provides a timeline printout at the end.   

See my web quest on the American Revolution for 11th graders.

Click here to see my thoughts on INTASC and my mission as a teacher

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