Thematic Bulletin Boards
The first was done for the Age of Exploration and includes small pictures of the explorers and information on where they sailed from and their accomplishment.  The transparent targets show where they landed.




This one was done for the Industrial Revolution and includes pictures representing the positive and negative things that transpired during that time period.


Although not a bulletin board, this massive T-Chart was created on the side blackboard in the classroom and served as a constant review and reference for the students.  A new picture was added every time we addressed a new aspect of the Industrial Revolution.  This was done to serve those students who were still in the concrete operations stage of learning and needed a visual to comprehend the sheer number of changes that had taken place during the 150 year time period we covered.


This was a bulletin board in the hallway that was done to coincide with the finished unit on Industrialization and a current event assignment on labor.  It was done by one student from each section for extra credit.


My placement at the high school level required a unit on the Cold War.  The bulletin board I did was meant to grab the attention of a possibly disinterested student body.

In the middle was a map of Europe where I had drawn in the boundary between Western Europe and the Soviet Bloc. Just above it is an excerpt from Churchill's Iron Curtain speech and it is surrounded by pictures of the major events that took place from 1945-1985.