IV: The Cold War in America (pp.850-852)
A. A Booming Economy
1. Farm income up: feeding Europe.
2. Record savings accounts due to rationing, scarcity of goods.
3. Congress cuts wartime taxes.
4. Defense spending due to U.S. involvement in world affairs.
B. Domestic
1. Women.
2. The two-income family: “American Woman’s Dilemma” (Life magazine, 1947).
3. Religious revival.
4. African Americans.
5. Taft-Hartley Act.
C. The Election of 1948 (pp.853-854)
Southern (“Dixiecrats”) vs. Northern Democrats.
1. Candidates.
2. Campaign.
3. The Fair Deal.
D. Fear of Communism (pp. 855-856)
1. Constitutional Rights.
2. Loyalty Oaths.
3. Subversives: people believed to be trying to overthrow the government (“lost” China)
4. National Security Act of 1947.
5. McCarthyism.
6. The House Un-American Activities Committee.